FAQs – Search The Vault

How To Search The Vault

Make sure you are logged into the website, then click on “My Vault” or “Click Here To Start Searching The Vault

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If you are on the Vault Subscription page, please click “My Vault” or click on the “Search The Vault” button.

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On the “My Vault” page, you can scroll down and select the individual videos, view video categories, or search by keyword.

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You can search by category or keyword on the advanced search page.

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What do I need to purchase the Vault?

You will need to fill out an application. Calibre Press vets all applicants to verify you are a qualified government – law enforcement agency.  To find out what’s necessary to apply, please see our Vault Purchase Information Page.

What type of videos are in The Vault?

All Vault videos are 2 to 15 minutes, professionally recorded and edited to include training points. Subject matter ranges from Use of Force, Communication, Officer Safety and Patrol Tactics to Leadership, Health and Wellness, Procedural Justice and so much more. 

Do videos work on mobile phones?

As long as the phone can access the internet and they use the same login and password, it will work on a mobile device.

Can I embed these videos into my training program?

Yes.  As long as you are logged in to The Vault, you can embed links to Vault videos into your PowerPoint presentation.

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